DVD Songs for Madagascar - Cesar Paes



DVD : film 88min + extras 45min

The six most famous Malagasy musicians unite to raise awareness about their island’s fragile and unique environment. An intimate journey at the heart of musical creation.

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Year: 2017
Format: NTSC / PAL
Zone: Multizone
Subtitles: Français, English, Deutsch, Italiano
Running time: film 88min + 45min bonus
Image: 16:9
Country: Madagascar

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“Songs for Madagascar” offers an intimate journey across Madagascar and Europe, closely following the creative work of a group of musicians who have come together in spite of their cultural and geographical differences as songs can be more effective than long speeches.
Erick Manana, Justin Vali, Dama Mahaleo, Olombelo Ricky, Jaojoby and Régis Gizavo, the six most famous Malagasy musicians, living thousands of miles apart, unite to use their art as a megaphone to raise awareness worldwide about their island’s fragile and unique environment.

The DVD includes:

  • film : 88 minutes
  • 45 minutes of extras :
    Exclusive Interview with Dama Mahalo, recording sessions in studio with Madagascar All Stars...

format : NTSC/compatible PAL. Free zone

image : 16:9 - sound : stereo & surround 5.1

subtitles: English, French, German, Italian


“Directed by the award-winning Cesar Paes, this beautifully shot film provides an intimate portrayal of a group of musicians, their community and the breath-taking landscapes of Madagascar.”

official website http://songsformadagascar.com/English

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