DVD Lonbraz Kann - David Constantin


The close down of an old sugar mill in Mauritius, calls into question the lives of Marco and his friends, a group of former workmates in their mid fifties.

Best Screenplay
Durban International Film Festival 2015

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Year: 2014
Subtitles: Français - English
Running time: 88min
Bonus: Making of + 8 color photos
Packaging: Digipack
Country: Mauritius
Director: David Constantin

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© 2014. Caméléon productions, Lithop films.

Cane is not profitable anymore. It is the last time the fields will be cut.  Luxury residential houses are built where cane sugar fields used to grow. Marco, Bissoon, Rosario and their friends spent their lifes working on sugar cane fields of Nouvelle-Découverte. When the sugar factory closed down, the world they lived in changed overnight. They would hang out in Ah-Yan shop, dreaming of a fresh start, a new life or migrating somewhere. When Devi, a mysterious young woman, settles in the big house facing the old laborer's camp, she becomes the talk of the village.

 The story of their everyday life unfolds itself, revealing shared bonds of human resilience stronger than ever. Lonbraz Kann is a narrative about  modern times and ourselves, about a society caught in the web of time with the global intruding in the individual life. Set on an Indian Ocean islandtrailing its cliché of paradise, Lonbraz Kann shows the other side of the obstinate postcard of happy tropical  people...

Director : David Constantin
Script : Sabrina Compeyron & David Constantin
Producer : Caméléon Production
Executive Producer : Fred Eyriey (Lithops Films)
DOP : Sabine Lancelin
Sound: Henri Maïkoff
Editing: Morgane Spacagna
Production : Caméléon Production(Maurice)
Coproduction : Lithops Films (Réunion)


Danny Bhowaneedin
Raj Bumma
Nalini Aubeeluck
Jean Claude Catheya
Jérôme Boulle
Bernard Li Kwong Ken

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