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CD of traditional Malagasy songs performed by the children's choir of the association Laka

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Year: 2010
Running time: 38min
Number of tracks: 14
Packaging: Digipack

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Laka association works in Antananarivo since 2006 to promote music education and preservation of the musical heritage of Madagascar. This CD is entirely sung by the choir of children of the association, except track 13, performed by the Laka ensemble.

Laka (the Association, the School, and the Ensemble) works in order to teach music in Madagascar. A compilation of traditional music could contribute to the achievement of our ambitious goal. Tradition gives a country its identity, and Madagascar has a treasure of songs of yesterday that are jewels of purity, especially when performed by a children’s choir.

Nature has always inspired Malagasy artists and composers a lot. PANGALANA for example, is a long and peaceful river in the East of the country. Life has developed slowly along this clear and generous river. RANO AN’ALA also talks about a river, a sparkling river which finds its way deep in the forest, bringing hope and love with it. It is not rare to see people on a dugout canoe paddling joyfully along or across a river. VOHIZO MALAKY could be their song at that very moment. The Malagasy traditional song DIAVOLANA praises the beauty of a moonlit evening. INY ANKARATRA INY is inspired by Mount Ankaratra, which is one of Madagascar’s highest mountains. In our culture Mount Ankaratra is associated with longing, homesickness and particularly love. RAIVO and VIAVY RAOZY are both welcoming songs to a lovely young woman who apparently is coming back from far away. VIAVY RAOZY is written in the Betsimisaraka dialect, spoken in the East of Madagascar.

Every Malagasy has heard at least one of the following songs: INY HONO IZY, MANJAKANDRIANA, MANDIHIZA RAHITSIKITSIKA, and MAZAVA ATSINANANA. Even though they are traditional songs, it is not that easy to find a record of them because most of Malagasy culture is transmitted orally: we sang them with grandma or with auntie when we were kids. INY HONO IZY is a lullaby, whereas the others are lively songs, or pieces we could dance to.

Gem hues cover the clouds at sunset. The sky is a wonderful painting. Let’s not think about worries or trouble, Sweetheart, just enjoy the magic of the moment. That is MIVOLOM-BATOSOA. No matter how pretty or handsome you are, if you do not have inner qualities you are like a gilded piece of jewelry glittering in the sun. That is the main message conveyed by the song entitled RAHA TSY AO AMINAO NY FANAHY.

Childhood often reminds us of an unforgettable place or period where or when we used to be happy. For us, Mother suffered, and Father worked hard. We’ll never forget them. We’ll love them forever. TSY HADINOINA.

Laka presents this compilation to you to take you to a world of innocence, the world of your childhood, and to remind you how much our traditions are dear to all of us. TSY HAY HADINOINA is just unforgettable.

Nancy Raveloson

1. Iny Hono Izy / Traditionnel
2. Diavolana / Traditionnel
3. Manjakandriana / Traditionnel
4. Mandihiza Rahitsikitsika / Traditionnel
5. Mivolom-batosoa / Therack Ramamonjisoa

6. Viavy Raozy / Traditionnel
7. Rano an'ala / Gilles Ramiarison
8. Vohizo Malaky / Arr. J.Rasolompiakarana
9. Pangalana / Traditionnel
10. Mazava Atsinanana / Traditionnel

11. Raivo / Traditionnel
12. Raha Tsy Ao Aminao Ny Fanahy / René Razafimahatratra, Feat. Olombelo Ricky
13. Iny Ankaratra Iny / Jean Narivony, R.Ramaro
14. Tsy Hadinoina / Gilles Ramiarison

Solomon Ratianarinaivo (Valiha & Percussions)
Stacy Rakotonirina (Guitar)
Holy Razafindrazaka & Dominique Rakotonirina (Direction)

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